Case Study – Travel Agency

UK travel agency uses adedge to promote holiday offers to targeted customers and boost holiday booking.


Customer Challenge

Our customer is an online travel agency offering holiday to destinations primarily in Europe. The challenge that the customer faced was the escalating cost of online advertising compared with conversion (customers actually booking holidays) i.e. their cost of acquisition has doubled in the previous twelve months and the task asked of us was to find a way to reduce this cost.


Our Solution

Adedge sorted the data of consumer profiles provided by the travel agency and categorised the consumers based on their booking history. Each text message was personalised with the consumers’ first names and a relevant offer based on their airport and destination preferences, with the feature of personalisation and intelligent data manager of adedge. In order to track the campaign results, a URL leading to a promotional landing page was inserted in each message, making the consumer journey and campaign conversion traceable.

An example message:

Hi Nicholas, book again in 2014 with us. We’ve got special holiday offers departing from Birmingham-for a great deal click

Initial Results

Out of the 500 consumers who received the campaign, 59 people contacted the travel company. Within 5 days of sending out the campaign, 3 consumers booked a holiday in total worth of about £5,000. As a result, the travel agency has increased its sales within short time simply by targeting their consumer base and providing relevant offers. This campaign has provided rich insights that help the travel agency to be smarter with their marketing spend, putting impressive ROI against their marketing efforts – the cost of acquisition for the initial trial was a fraction of their traditional online advertising channels.

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