What device do I need to send a campaign?

Adedge supports various devices – you can send a campaign on your computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet devices such as iPad. Simply go to www.adedge.co.uk and log in.


Do I need to download and install programs to use Adedge?

There is no need to install any program to use Adedge for your campaigns. Adedge is a web-based application, so all you need to do is to connect your device with the Internet and log in to Adedge with your web browser.


Can I send campaigns outside the UK?

You can send SMS campaigns to the UK, Australia, and South Africa.


How can I track the campaign status?

Go to Reports section after you have logged in, and you will see the status of your campaigns.


What is personalisation?

Greet your recipients by their names in your email or SMS campaigns. You can personalise your message by using your tags as place holders.


How many characters can my SMS convey?

Each single SMS message has a limit of 160 characters. You can send messages that contain more than 160 characters, however, they will be split into multiple messages. Messages that contain more than 160 characters will be charged more than one credit, for example, 140 characters = 1 credit, 300 characters = 2 credits, 410 characters = 3 credits, so on and so forth.


How do I import subscribers?

You can import subscriber lists to Adedge by uploading your csv or excel files (up to 2MB) from your local computer. Your files should include mobile numbers or email addresses in order to send a campaign, along with other fields of information.


How secure is my contact data?

Your data is completely safe, as we do not pass on any of your data. The data you upload to Adedge is encrypted to ensure a high level of security.


What is a free trial?

We would like to give you a free taste of 10 SMS when you register with Adedge for the first time.


What are the price options?

You can buy a package with a set of functionality, or buy bulk SMS separately. We also offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs. Details see: www.adedge.co.uk/pricing


Do you offer bulk discounts?

We offer bulk SMS discounts at as low as 2p per message. Contact us for a quote for large bulk SMS.


What are the supported payment methods?

We accept payment by Visa, Master, Maestro and JCB cards.

If you still need help please feel to contact us.