Segmenting your contact list

Do you know our segmentation tool can significantly contribute to the success of your campaigns?

The segmentation tool allows you to refine your data in order to target contacts that are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer! Read more……

How does it work?

After you have uploaded your new contacts list or chosen a previously saved list within adedge simply

Click the “+OR”  box and from the pull down select the characteristic that you wish to refine; in the example shown below you can see the ‘mobile’ tab with a pull down arrow. If you click the arrow you will see all of the attributes (header titles) that were in your original uploaded contacts list – you can choose different attributes in order of importance and then use the filter drop down (the box to the right) in order to choose the most important characteristics. You can carry on adding different filters simply by clicking the “OR” box.

For example, let’s assume that your business is a travel agency with a database of 10,000 contacts. Your customers are spread throughout the UK. The customer list covers people who have bought a holiday before or just enquired about a destination. You have just negotiated a first come first served package of holidays with a resort in Austria (aimed at the 18-34 age group) but need to sell the holidays quickly in order to get the discount that they are offering. Using adedge’s segmentation tool you can improve the potential conversion of your contact list and reduce your total advertising cost by using the following filters:

  • people who have bought a skiing package in the last 12 months
  • people who have your loyalty card membership
  • people in the age group 18-34


Use our Reports and Analytics to track your campaigns

Our super friendly and easy to use reports are broken down into two parts – the first deals with actual events such as delivered messages and the second part, analytics, looks at customer behaviour such as impressions (the record of a visitor to a website), whether an email has been opened or clicked, or a shopping basket left unfulfilled. Insights into your customers’ behaviour are critical in order to make effective marketing campaigns. Using adedge’s reports and analytics will give you the edge!

Set up your autoresponder message for instant, automated communication

Tired of having to reply to incoming SMS one by one? With adedge autoresponder, you can set up an automatic reply, which is an SMS message that will be sent immediately to customers that text in keywords, with pre-defined message content. Adedge autoresponder helps you engage with the customers more effectively, and provide better customer care and increase customer loyalty. More….

Example: a customer who texts in with the keyword “join” will receive an automatic reply message “Thank you for joining our newsletter list.”

This is a 3 Step instruction to set up your autoresponder set up:

  • After you have selected your channel and contacts, you’ll be on the create message window. Click the “autoresponder” button, which will take you to the autoresponder setup window.
  • Enter your preferred keyword and check its availability. Keywords are used on a first come first serve basis, and popular keywords may be taken quickly. If your preferred keyword is taken, you have to create another one.
  • Enter your autorespond message content and confirm your autoresponder settings by clicking the “Save” button.

How to personalise your campaigns?

When creating a message in adedge you have the option to personalise by adding a *name – click the ‘Insert first name’ button and the adedge platform will attach the contacts’ name at the beginning of the message so, rather than contacts receiving an anonymous message they will be greeted with their name.

Why use shortened URL?

There is a 160 word limit of each SMS message, and messages longer than 160 will be charged as multiple messages. In order to stay within the 160 word limit, you might want to shorten your URL. You can shorten your URL for free on many websites, such as,, and


How to schedule your SMS campaign?

You might want to schedule your SMS campaign to be sent in the near future, but don’t want to sit in front of the computer and click the “send” button at the minute. With adedge, you can schedule your SMS campaign at a specific hour and minute on a specific date.